Frequently Asked Questions


What is developmental review?
Developmental review is a multi-stage editorial process that ensures clarity of expression and consistency of ideas. The final outcome of developmental review is a polished and accessible document that is legible to a wide readership.
How long does it take to review my work?
The turnaround time will depend on the length of the text and level of review required. We will be able to provide you with a precise schedule after we determine the scope of the project and assess your individual needs.
I’m still working on my manuscript. Can you review my chapters as I complete them so that the final review is completed more quickly?
Yes. Working through manuscripts chapter by chapter is very common and we are happy to work with your book one step at a time.
My press is going to perform its own proofread after I submit my manuscript. Can you provide a developmental review without the proofreading step?
Yes. We provide substantial discounts and an accelerated review process if line-by-line copy edits are not required.
Can you bill me through my department or program?
Yes. We are an established vendor at many institutions and can work exclusively with your department or split the billing between the department and yourself as needed.



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