Book Proposals

Are you pitching a book to an editor and you need to send a book proposal? Humanities First reviews book proposals for grammar, content and context to ensure you submit your absolute best work. You want to make sure that the press editors take notice of your project and that it doesn’t get lost in the shuffle.

Proposals that get an Editor’s Attention

A successful book proposal must be clear and well-argued to prove to the editor that the manuscript is appropriate to their press and valuable to their catalogue. It must also be gratifying to read and worthy of the editor’s attention.

Unfortunately, many submissions consist of a point-by-point summation of one’s work, and lack the eloquence and flow of the actual manuscript. After living with one’s ideas for years, it is tempting to include details that are exclusive to our field. We forget that most editors are generalists and are not always fluent in our topics, so our challenge is to make our proposals both thorough and gratifying to read.

Editors are responsible for reviewing an inordinate amount of submissions, so an uneven proposal can nullify our chances of publishing and delay (or derail) our careers. Rejection at this first stage can squander countless hours of research and is potentially disastrous for tenure possibilities. It is no less important – and can be more critical – than the cover letter and CV that led to your first faculty position.

Establishing a distance between the specifics of a manuscript and the requirements of a proposal is not always possible, especially when deadlines loom. Humanities First resolves this dilemma by reviewing each proposal to ensure readability and focus.

In addition to a copy edit, we will make an assessment to ensure that each proposal covers the most important areas of concern for the editor, including the contributions to the field, how the chapters relate to each other and the book’s market and competition.


The rate for book proposal review is $300.00. The service includes a thorough copy edit and application of your preferred style guide.

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Humanities First provides developmental review, content edits and proofreading for book proposals. If you are an academic scholar or professor who needs to get a book published in order to obtain tenure Contact us today to get a free quote.