Are you a doctoral student working on your dissertation and need help refining your final work? Humanities First reviews dissertations on both developmental and grammatical levels.

We understand how competitive academia is, and know the importance of a quality dissertation. You have spent the last several years of your life working to develop your knowledge base, and your dissertation marks the culmination of countless hours of research and writing, time spent working towards an ultimate end goal.

Humanities First can help alleviate your stress about perhaps the most intimidating part of graduate education by reviewing your dissertation.

Developmental Editing

During a developmental edit, Chief Editor Michael Needham will provide personal, one-on-one coaching and will work with you on multiple drafts until you’re confident that the dissertation is ready to file. He’ll work closely with you to strengthen your argument, achieve a consistent tone and ensure that your work is clear, logical and gratifying to read.

Throughout the process, Michael will provide you with constructive feedback, both in overview reports and line-by-line analyses. One of our associate editors will then provide you with a full proofread and perform complete formatting per your institution’s preferred style guide.

Single-Round Prose Review

If you are confident in your content but need a second set of eyes to ensure that your work is tonally and thematically sound, Humanities First also offers single-round content and copy review at a discounted rate. At this level of review, Michael will provide writer queries within the document to point out specific areas of concern (personal writing tics, overuse of specific phrases, repetition of ideas, etc.). In addition, one of our associate editors will perform a proofread and application of your preferred style guide.

Our preferred format for all types of edits is MS Word because of its robust track changes functionality, but we can accept manuscripts in other formats. We will follow whichever style manual is required (APA, MLA, CMS or any other manual that you may require).


If you do not require line-by-line proofreading after our content review is complete, we will provide a discounted fee and an accelerated review process.


Because every dissertation is unique, Humanities First evaluates every assignment individually before calculating an exact rate. However, most projects fit into the following price ranges:

Developmental Edit & Proofreading: $.022 – $.026 per word ($22.00 – $26.00 per every 1,000 words)

Single Round Prose Review & Proofreading: $.016 – $.019 per word ($16.00 – $19.00 per every 1,000 words)

The individual rates will vary, depending on the length and scope of the project and your individual needs. All of your work will remain absolutely confidential and we will destroy all files related to your manuscript upon finalization of the project, unless otherwise requested.

* Note: Due to heavy demand, we are not currently  accepting new dissertation or book-length projects If you would like to reserve a spot for a future opening, please drop us a line at info@humanitiesfirst.org.

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