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If you are an academic scholar or professor who needs to get a book, article or journal manuscript published,  or you are a doctoral student working on your dissertation, Humanities First can provide you with expert developmental review at an affordable rate.

We’re a Nonprofit That Understands Humanities Scholarship

Do you have a manuscript that isn’t quite finished? Are you preparing to submit your book to a publisher and you know the content is on-point but you’re worried about grammar? Have you been working tirelessly on your dissertation and need a second set of eyes to tie everything together?

We can relate to what you’re going through, and are dedicated to helping you over those hurdles.

We support every field within the humanities. Our areas of focus include, but are not limited to:

• Cultural Studies
• Literature
• History
• Religion
• Communication
• Theatre
• Languages
• Philosophy
• Music
• Linguistics
• Art

Benefits Provided by Humanities First:

1. Help get your articles, manuscripts and books accepted

Well-written work gives you an edge in the peer review process and will set you apart from your competition.

2. Save time and get your work under review and accepted faster

A professional editor can turn your almost-finished work into a well-polished final product quickly and professionally. Take some of the pressure off and leave the copy editing to us.

3. Improve your writing for the future

Most writers repeat the same grammatical errors over and over again. Find out which writing errors you make most frequently and correct them. A copy editor understands grammar and style rules with which you may not be as familiar.

Value of Working with a Nonprofit Organization:

As a nonprofit organization, Humanities First is able to provide top-notch copy editing, proofreading, and content analysis at a reasonable cost to you. We understand that pursuing an education/career in academia often comes with a substantial financial obligation. You have spent countless hours working towards your tenure or doctorate and your time is valuable. It all boils down to presenting your very best work.

Levels of Support Offered:

1. Developmental Review. Includes thorough content analysis, including feedback on logic, argument, structure and tone, unlimited reviews of multiple drafts, plus a comprehensive copy edit and application of your preferred style guide.

2. Single Round Prose  Review. Includes a single round of content edits, suggestions for eliminating redundancies, and advice regarding areas where further elaboration would be useful for the reader, in addition to a full copy edit and application of your style guide.

Humanities First helps students, scholars, academics, and professors with services including copy editing, proofreading and content review.

Contact us today to get a free quote. We will keep your inquiry and information absolutely confidential, unless otherwise requested.

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